Content of PT 42b

IDcat: 2
abbreviation: PT
tablet: PT 42b
alpha: b

ID: 965
dated: True
king: Xerxes
regnal year: 19
note to year:  
aramaic glossed: False
proper names:  
geo names:  
period: Ach
place: Persepolis

ID ref monthname det spelling anomalous damage transcription language transliteration note sourceID source inner group mn sp
2013 PT 42b  miyakannaš d © mi-kán-na-iš False no mikan(n)aš elamite ©         3 37 350
1430 PT 42b  markašanaš no © mar-ka4-šá-na-iš False no markašanaš elamite ©         3 33 248

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transliteration: the text of the source as it has been published by its editor.

san Giovanni in Persiceto, 19/VIII/2000; Napoli, 17/IX/2002; Napoli, 16/III/2003

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